Books referred for CAS certification

The Content Addressed Storage, or just CAS is an exam dedicated to technology architects who want to take their careers one step further. It is a useful certification in the EMC education series which focuses on the implementation tasks needed for Centera integration in heterogeneous open systems environments. In terms of products that need to be mastered before undertaking this exam, the following 3 are the most important: Centera V4.1, Centera Universal Access (CUA) V4.0 and Centera Console V2.3.

First, I'll be covering the topics and then I'll introduce you several books which need to be referred in order to maximize your chances of success. The topics include mostly Centera operations and architecture, but some other information are also squeezed in.

It's hard to find resources that are related to Centera since this brand is the property of EMC. The best solution is to attend one of the preparation courses which relies on presenting Centera Tools and operations. There is a huge, comprehensive official course. Unfortunately, it costs $3,300, so it's not that affordable for some of participants. However, if you do decide to go for it, note that you'll learn everything about Centera console, curriculum, optimal choices of Centera products and establish technical credibility on the Centera product and solution. It's a remarkable, all in one course that ensure your promotion if you show some interest.

The main thing behind Centera's software solution relies on XML. As a result, you should have proper knowledge of Extensible Markup Language before going any further. A good XML book can be found here. This is a true bible which contains everything about XML. If you're a beginner in XML, you can start with the book found at this link. It has a user-friendly way of explaining things and you'll understand the concepts right away.

There is more than just software when talking about Centera. The hardware part is equally important because it offers the clients' the possibility to store huge amounts of data, up to 200 GB, so you need to master some hardware parts. The IT Essentials: Hardware and Software from Cisco should be read and learned before going any further. Cisco is the leader on the networking market, so getting your hands on such a great book should motivate you.

The content addressed storage certification is in close relation with the revolutionary Centera products. If you are passionate about such things then you must pass this exam. You will be able to get a job in this domain, but the most important thing of all is that you'll be in a close relation with one of the newest technologies in terms of data storage. Remember that proper preparation can be ensured only if you take an EMC course.